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Water Tank Cleaning

Read everything about Water tank cleaning:

Go Limpo performs four stages water tank cleaning process:

1. Dewatering: In this stage, Water from the tank is pumped out through the help of  a portable submersible.

2. Scrubbing: Once the tank has been dewatered, then all the surface scrubbed with the help of rotating scrubber

   which clean all the sludge from the side and lower surface of the tank.

3. Suction: After the scrubbing has been done, al  the piled dust and sludge is sucked out of tank with

   the help of wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

4. UV radiation/ Chlorination: To restore the hygiene of the tank, in the end either of the chlorination

    or UV radiation is used which depends upon the make and size of the tan. if the tank is made up of 

    plastic, we use UV Radiation and we use chlorination in case of concrete tanks.


1.      What is AMC?

Ans: AMC is Annual maintenance contract where customer pay for get services for a year.

2.     How Many service are there in AMC?

Ans. AMC includes max. four services in a year.

3.     What are the advantages of AMC?

Ans. Amc helps you to keep your tanks cleaned always, it cost you cheaper plus it saves your water because

       when your tank is getting cleaned every three months, there will be no need to dewater your water tank 

       every time because our machine is capable of sucking all the dust from each and every corner of the tank 

       along with only 20% of the water.

4.   What is associate coupon and how can we use it?

Ans. Associate coupon will help you to get extra discount by using the unique code of the associate you know 

  from your location. In case, if you don't know anyone who is associate with Go Limpo then you can simply

  whatsapp the "ASSOCIATECODE" along with your location to our base number +919953071771 and you

   will get it within a moment  the associate code.